The Allspa Swim Spas

Our range of Swim Spas has been purposely developed to ensure there is an exercise pool for everyone. Each model contains many features, and all offer powerful water flow for swimming, rowing and aqua bike training in the comfort and tranquility of your own garden. We also feature swim spa models with integrated hot tubs, allowing you to exercise while the family relaxes in a premium hot tub with many fantastic features.

The Private Exercise Pool

Much larger than a hot tub, an exercise pool provides an endless flow of water, giving the sensation of swimming in a large swimming pool, all within the comfort of your own garden. The user is able to control the flow of water very simply, and you can even control the temperature in different parts of the pool via our unique thermal zones. The range offers 3 and 4 Jet water delivery options, with adjustable water spouts, creating the perfect conditions for exercise. With up to a combined 9 horsepower output, the incredible performance is delivered with optimal energy efficiency.

Each of our models offers the Pro Plus & Extreme package options ensuring we have the right for you. So whether you are going to regular exercise, a place to relax, or both, we have the right model for you.

Why Buy an Exercise Pool?

It gives you the flexibility to exercise at your own pace, whilst enjoying the privacy and seclusion of your own space. Whether you want to cycle against the flow on an aquabike, row into the current, or enjoy a relaxing swim after work, owning a swim spa can change the lives of your entire family, as you introduce beneficial exercise in a fun and friendly way.

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